Fall Classic Liftoff

&#xB7; All proceeds will be donated to Bruce Nordlee&#x2019;s family</strong> &#xB7; Bruce was a RCF member who died suddenly on 7/31/2017</strong> &#xB7; Olympic Lifting Competition, September 16th, doors open at 8am</strong> &#xB7; $40.00 Registration Fee ( shirt included in registration fee )</strong> &#xB7; 3 chances to 1rm both Snatch and Clean &amp; Jerk</strong> &#xB7; USAW Weight Classes ( will be combined if needed )</strong> &#xB7; Awards for highest total in each weight class</strong> &#xB7; Women will Lift in AM, Men will lift after women</strong> &#xB7; Contact Colter at <span class="hide demail">colterdunagan | gmail ! com</span> for more info</strong> &#xB7; Tatanka Trail Burgers and More food truck from 11 to 2</strong> </strong> Register Here:</strong> <a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>

1555 Catron Boulevard' Rapid City' SD