Bar Opening:Do or Dive


Brewtiful news! Do or Dive is shaking up the urbane barscape in Brooklyn. For those of you who are unfamiliar: meet the not-so-dive bar of your dreams—where the booze is plentiful and cheap, the dog-friendly atmosphere warms the soul and the gaming options are strong.

At Do or Dive, you can quench the belly of the beast with a beer selection that caps at $7. Yes, you can still enjoy a Pabst, but the low-budge high-reward applies to all beers on tap. For the spirited folk that prefer harder liquor, mixed drinks and cocktails are just as inexpensive.

On a Friday night every stoop, stool and seat was filled with the convergence of New York City’s finest diverse crowd—that includes age, gender, race and fur. And if it gets too crowded, you can escape to the bar’s outdoor patio in the back. Adorned with icicle lights and a bright star in the middle will remind you of middle school proms – sweet and endearing.




For the persons that don’t have a television at home, no worries. The lively establishment has a TV that turns on just in time for America’s Favorite Quiz Show Jeopardy! And you haven’t quite seen a place come alive like this when Alex Trebek comes on (even without his ‘stache). Formally, Do or Dive was a restaurant that still houses diner-worthy booths. We even heard a rumor that a food menu is in the works. Soon you’ll be able to drink up, boogy down (to the carefully curated tunes) AND get your snack on.

Basically, if the Forman’s basement got transformed into a bar it would be Do or Dive. So if hangin’ out down the street doing the same old thing you did last week is your thing, check out the new spot that’s delivering more chill to Bed Stuy.

Do or Dive is located at 1108 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn and is open daily from noon to 4am. Cheers!

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